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Jennifer Love Hewitt mummified and gagged by deviantboi713
Mature content
Jennifer Love Hewitt mummified and gagged :icondeviantboi713:deviantboi713 17 3
Emma Roberts mummified in duct tape by deviantboi713
Mature content
Emma Roberts mummified in duct tape :icondeviantboi713:deviantboi713 26 3
Blissed and gagged by WWETNADivasGagger Blissed and gagged :iconwwetnadivasgagger:WWETNADivasGagger 34 2 Becky gets gagged by WWETNADivasGagger Becky gets gagged :iconwwetnadivasgagger:WWETNADivasGagger 23 1
A Magical....And Awkward Pokemon Halloween
It is just your typical Halloween.
Dark, fun, kids going out trick-or-treating, adults enjoying costume parties and drinking, etc, etc.
But for seven individuals, this night is going to be one of magic.............
October 31st, 5:55 PM..............
"Ash!" cried Misty, pissed off at Ash's slowness. The fact that her own weight was causing him to lag behind didn't seem to register in her brain. "Would you hurry up? We're gonna be late!"
"Damnit, Mist, if I weren't carrying you like this, then we wouldn't be in this position, now would we?" Ash hotly retorted. To put it shortly, Ash is carrying Misty in his arms, considering she can't walk because of the costume she's wearing.
To put it bluntly, the two are on their way to a Halloween costume party with their best friends at Brock's house in Pewter City. There'll be plenty of fun there, that's for sure. The only requirement is that the attendees have to wear a costume. Misty got conned by her sisters to wear th
:iconterraluna5:terraluna5 11 1
the birthday she can't remember by tsilver
Mature content
the birthday she can't remember :icontsilver:tsilver 102 17
Kyorge's Mermaid
"Well looks like it's bed time Krystal, Tomorrow we are gonna be going to the beach and relax their and rent a room at the Motel." I said as I turn the lights out and gets into bed, "Well I am gonna be enjoying it, But we both share the same body so I will be able to change your swim trunks into a two piece swimsuit." Krystal says as she begins to sleep inside of Kevin. "Yeah but lets get to dreaming." I cover myself than closed my eyes. Once I was fully asleep I was in my dreams, I looked around and saw I was underwater, "I've never seen this before in my dreams, Who could of caused this?" I said as I begin to look around in my dreams for clues for what made me dream of being underwater. For what seemed to be three hours I finally encountered to be a huge castle that was underwater and a large figure that was guarding it.
I begin to make my way to the castle entrance trying to not let what ever was guarding it. "Kevin where are we and how are we underwater?" Krystal whispered to me, "
:iconultralightningraichu:UltraLightningRaichu 10 14
Kelly laughed with her friends and girlfriend, Mary. The were in a hot tube boat somewhere near her private island. This boat cost her a fortune, and it seemed foolish to be inside a pool, when the entire ocean was around her, but she hated salt water. It ruined her skin.
She planned for a night of fun with her girlfriend. She was in a "lez club", as they put it. Her girl, wanted a baby so Kelly paid for a donor and now she and Mary were goign to be raising a baby pretty soon. Of course, it had only been 1 month but she already had a small belly. She took her drink from the side and took a sip. Her dad had, had a huge fortune, massive in fact. Both her parents had passed away. They wouldn't have approved of her being a lesbian anyway, they had been that uptight  pair and had never let her follow her desires, demanding 'proper' ideals from their daughter. It was one reason, why she wasn't choked up over their deaths.
She drifted over to Mary and put her hand on her belly. Mary smil
:iconserleenavores:serleenavores 9 6
Mermaid curse tf
The water of the great barrier reef felt amazing against my skin. I was truly amazed at the underwater sights of the reef, it was sheer beauty. I checked how much air I had in my tank then checked to make sure my diving partner, Nicole, was still with me. She waved at me.
 My two friends, Ryan and Nicole, and I were recreational scuba divers and we had come to the great barrier reef to see if it was all that great. We had rented a boat and were now at a particularly awesome part of the reef. Ryan stayed on the boat because he was on boat watch while me and Nicole dove, then him and Nicole would switch.
I waved back and we continued to explore the reef. Nicole made an audible gasp as she pointed at a nearby cave, "I say we go check it out." she said in sign language, "Sounds good to me. Just watch out for sharks." I signed back. Nicole laughed and we swam towards the cave. The inside was breathtaking, I had never seen quite such a sight.
The way the water seemed to glow in the ligh
:iconthemoldysausage:themoldysausage 18 0
Mermaid Curse tf-Part 2
Life had been easier on Julia than she expected. They went public with her "condition" as planned and she almost instantly became a celebrity. Everyone was in love with "The real live mermaid". The only real downside was she couldn't walk anymore. And the government had forced her to donate her body to science on the event of her death, but that was a minor problem. 
Julia enjoyed her beach house and often she would go down into the cove room, remove any Human clothing, and dive in, spending hours as nothing more than a beautiful mermaid in the great ocean. Sometimes she would even have Nicole and Ryan over for a swim. And the best part? Her family still accepted her despite her tail. Julia had feared they would reject her but they treated her no differently.
Her, Ryan, and Nicole even went out diving as often as they could. Of course they only brought one set of gear as both Julia and Nicole could function underwater just fine. And to make it all the better, Julia had even found
:iconthemoldysausage:themoldysausage 8 2
Mermaid curse tf-part 3
The ocean was incredible. Although a few times throughout the long journey, Julia and Nicole agreed that a boat would have been a much smarter travel method, they were divers at heart, and this was awesome. Despite honest fears, the girls had not been attacked by anything as they sped across the vast blue of the Atlantic. And Julia feared, she was enjoying it.
As predicted, It took less than a day to reach the fateful cave, although neither of the girls believed it. The two mermaids entered the cave and swam through the tunnels just as they remembered them. They reached the vast cavern where they had encountered the mermaid and searched the entire cavern for any sign of the mermaid. They found nothing, however; just as they were about to leave, a soft voice called them, “Ah, so the curious divers return hm? Hoping to rid yourselves of the curse?” Nicole shook her head, “Not me, I’m happy this way. But my friend here...well...she got ‘Aquatic depression dis
:iconthemoldysausage:themoldysausage 6 0
Mermaid Lauren 2 by pbutricks Mermaid Lauren 2 :iconpbutricks:pbutricks 29 8 Mermaid Ana 1 by pbutricks Mermaid Ana 1 :iconpbutricks:pbutricks 7 0 Sticky Situation by Legarsi
Mature content
Sticky Situation :iconlegarsi:Legarsi 401 30
Alice Lee mummified in silver by Stervus
Mature content
Alice Lee mummified in silver :iconstervus:Stervus 435 39
Indigo mummified like fish by Stervus
Mature content
Indigo mummified like fish :iconstervus:Stervus 281 19




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